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One morning I woke up and had no voice!

I mysteriously lost my voice for several weeks; it was just gone.  No warning, no pain, no reason, and no voice.


Until then I had what was considered a normal life.  I was in my mid 40's, had 2 kids, a great husband, a home and a part time job. I was also busy and happy being blissfully ignorant. So, I did not go to the doctor for a few weeks. 


When I did, he immediately diagnosed me with acid reflux and noted damage in my esophagus.  He gave me no explanations, but he did give me a prescription and a recommendation to see a Gastro specialist.  I compliantly took the pills and my voice started to come back.


I later saw a Gastro specialist.  When he offered nothing new, I asked him about other treatments, perhaps something more natural. He did a Google search with me and sent me on my way!

My acid reflux was progressing and burning through my chest and neck at night, causing sleepless nights.  When I woke up, I could not straighten my legs or back; they were painful and stiff.

After seeing 24 doctors and experiencing a lot of frustration, I researched functional medicine and found a local doctor who seemed knowledgeable. As I was filling out health history paperwork, I had to write down all of my medical issues. That is when it hit me: I was NOT healthy!


My reality was this: I would wake up and the first thought in my head would be "F*(%^ My Life". I had high blood pressure. I was 40 pounds overweight. I had hormonal imbalances, muscle stiffness, joint pain, and high levels of stress and anxiety.


My lunches consisted of a Venti Chai Tea Latte with whole milk and extra syrup.  I had a sedentary life with a desk job, followed by driving kids around and rushing home to figure out dinner.  I had no energy.  I had tried diets, but somehow my clothes size had quadrupled in the last 15 years. I was 45 and felt 80!

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Image by Brooke Lark

That morning I was so hopeful. I thought “all of this will go away with the right supplements!” 

Then, my test results showed that I had cardiac risk factors, diabetes risk factors, Rheumatoid Arthritis markers, and Autoimmunity.  My body was attacking itself and my immune system was hyperreactive to most foods in my diet.

The doctor recommended the Autoimmune Protocol diet, which consisted of eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, corn, alcohol, sugar, nuts, eggs, and nightshades.  He also gave me several daily  supplements.

I went home and unpacked my supplements. I looked at all of them along with the information about the Auto Immune protocol. First I cried, and then I made a vow to get healthy. Following the Auto Immune eating plan, I lost 40 pounds and lowered my inflammation.  I can eat most foods again, except gluten , dairy and sugar.

Image by Varshesh Joshi

"If you are brave enough to say goodbye,

LIFE will reward you with a new hello."

One day, I was sitting at my desk on a typical morning, feeling very unhappy and overwhelmed.  I suddenly felt the need to GET OUT, so I ran out the door and walked outside for about 10 minutes.

I came back feeling happier, so I started to walk every day.  Over the next couple years, walking turned into jogging, and jogging turned into lifting weights. Every small step counted.

However, there were many days I would give up a walk or reschedule the self-care that I needed for work activities.  My focus was off, and I really had no idea what my life’s purpose was.

It was a conversation with my therapist that changed everything. Talking about work and "my purpose" was common. One day she said that before becoming a therapist, she had a lucrative job but wanted a change and despite the challenges she went back to school to do something she dreamt about.

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Wellness Coach

That moment really hit me. I thought, "Oh my G-d, if she stayed in that job for the money, she would NOT have been here to help and guide me.”
It made me realize that I, too, have more to offer.  I knew in my heart that working in wellness is what would light me up.

Looking back, there was a reason I lost my voice. I was too "busy" in my roles as wife, mom and worker that I didn’t see how my everyday habits were harming my health!   Other people were always my main priority, never my own health or self care.

I have since learned that self-care makes me a better mother and wife. More importantly, finding my voice has meant finding ME again!  

You can have an extraordinary and vibrant life!  Walking the road to wellness can be overwhelming and lonely.  I want to help you find strength and courage to live your fullest and healthiest life.  Let’s do it!

Health, Happiness & Harmony,

The Healthy Life Designer

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My Education & Certifications


BS in Gerontology (USC, 1992)
MS in Gerontology (USC, 1994)

IIN Cerfified Health Coach (2020)

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