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Your Health Issues are an Opportunity

There are many ways to handle your health status and certainly no absolute right or wrong way. It’s only in hindsight and after much education that I’ve been able to re-frame my experience and this idea, but it’s my hope to encourage others to honor their health and take care of themselves.

I really vividly remember sitting in the doctor’s office and seeing in black and white the many test results that confirmed without a doubt I had some life altering and possibly life threatening health dysfunction in my body. It was shocking, it was frightening, it was all consuming – but it was NOT a death sentence! I was not about to just accept that fate of disease and disability.

Your body is this incredibly sophisticated and beyond smart machine that sends you signals of imbalance, injury, and illness. You can choose to ignore or embrace those signals and of course some action is ultimately required to research and remedy the issue. Just like your car that makes funny noises or is running oddly, your body is trying to tell you something. We’re often so busy and so out of sync with our own body that we ignore the message!

Small, but nagging health concerns are red flags and chances are you have been struggling for a while. Seemingly innocent issues such as psoriasis, insomnia, acid reflux, or being just a “bit” overweight can be precursors to underlying major health events or certainly a sign that something has gone awry with the function of your body.

What if you viewed your health concerns as an OPPORTUNITY, yes that is right an OPPORTUNITY, instead of an alarm? How different would your mindset and approach be? Your body is giving you space and time to find out and fix the malfunction. That is actually a blessing!

There is hope, freedom, relief and even some luck in that – to take that opportunity to emerge better and stronger. What a gift! By embracing the chance to take care of yourself, healing and optimal well being can happen and make your life even better. Never squander an OPPORTUNITY to improve your health!

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